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Seattle author Stephanie Kallos involved us in her talk from the start. She had for each a paperclip necklace her character Cody made, and challenged us to use our language arts to solve a word puzzle. Her book Language Arts, she confided, was her most autobiographical novel yet. She was cleverly disguised as Charles, a 59-year-old father of two who teaches language arts, hoping to instill a passion in his students. His son, Cody, is on the more-challenged end of the autism spectrum, about to age-out of community services. His daughter, Emmy, has just gone off to college.

The novel switches back and forth from this current-day story to 9-year-old Charles, learning Palmer penmanship in Sister Giorgia’s classroom. One of his classmates, Dana, is based on a real boy Stephanie met in first grade in Lincoln, Nebraska. After four decades of trying, she finally found a place to work out in her writing what his impact has been on her.

She explored with us some of the twists and turns in her writing this book with good humor and insight, and left us with three thoughts: find a way to be more compassionate of yourself in your own story; find a way to be compassionate to the Danas you meet; practice the Palmer Method!

Keep up with Stephanie's events on her website: http://stephaniekallos.com

Oh, and she asked us to help ourselves to a Twinkie on our way out, the staple of her own 9-year-old lunchbox. Not that we needed to think about more food after the lovely meal Adventure Department hostessed. This gathering was a perfect conclusion to another great Book Club year.

Below you’ll find pictures of Spring Tea taken by Cecile Morrison Adventure.